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The Grand Duck King | 2nd Floor # II - 04 & 05

The Ducking Restaurant first openes in 2003 in South Jakarta. At, present there are 6 branches in Indonesia, and we plan to open additional branches in line with our expansion strategy. Our management and team is headed Exectuive chefs and managers from Malaysia, singapore and Hongkong. All of them have been professionally trained in their fields at 5 star hotels and leading restaruant. Roasted Duck and Packing Duck have become out main menu. We use best ingredients of up to 12 kinds of imported spices and herbs and a specially formulated suace which in unique and original. Of most importance, we can use the most premium quality of duck. Additional menu offerings are also available for our guests to choose, such as Dimsum, Porridge and Seafood. We aim to provide every guest with” The Best Service” and unparallel “ Customers Satisfication”. Experience the different in taste and quality when you dine in at The Duck King Group Restaurans. Welcome to The Duck King Group Resturants and enjoy your every meal with us brunch, Dinner and Supper.


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